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Are you working on an AR/VR project addressing COVID-19 or supporting the healthcare industry?

If you’re building apps or organizing hackathons addressing the global pandemic and need resources and visibility for your work, we want to help.

To accelerate and encourage the development of health-related AR/VR apps during the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering free & unlimited cloud services with premium features and support for developers building AR/VR apps in healthcare.

Let's build and deploy 3D apps together to make the world better.
Reach out now at  love@echo3D.co.


For a safe & healthy future

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With AR/VR you can build applications designed to:


  • Train and educate

  • Coordinate help

  • Track the virus

  • Visualize crucial data

  • Help impacted businesses

  • Facilitate remote work

  • Create live events

  • Bring people together

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Assist with home schooling

  • Run hackathons & challenges

Developers Unite.

Join one of these global online challenges:

MIT COVID-19 Challenge

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