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5 Fun Sport Games on the Oculus Quest

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Sports is a big part of people’s lives and nowadays with people still being remote, it’s not as accessible or common to play sports recreationally. If you still miss the thrill and have an Oculus Quest, check out these 5 highly rated and popular titles that are sure to deliver a sense of sportsmanship!

Sports in VR is made possible by game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, hardware by Meta (aka Oculus) and backend cloud companies like echo3D.


Check out this link https://go.echo3d.co/bjj d or scan this QR code to see a ball in augmented reality.


1. Rezzil Player

This game is the perfect choice for somebody that likes a little bit of every sport. This has over 160 levels (and growing) with 40 items per sports kit. Players have the option of working on their throwing, arm strength and overall prowess as a future recruit for the NFL! If someone want to be the next Ronaldo, they can practice heading technique without ball impact. There are also basketball experiences for the hoops enthusiasts out there.

Rezzil also has a reaction wall that lets players work on their reaction time and global leaderboards. Although the Oculus Quest has hardware limitations and players cannot fully practice their kicks and lower body movements, players can get a fantastic core workout and work on their focus and reaction times which is equally important as strength and muscle memory.

$18.99 on the Quest store

2. 2MD: VR Football Unleashed ALL-STAR

This motion-controlled VR football game is in a class of its own. It’s a race against time to draw the plays, throw, hand off or run the ball before time’s up. This has unique and realistic motion controls for seated, standing, room-scale or full field-scale environments. There are rapid fire bonus rounds and a 7-round heat. Players can play drills ranging from 2 minutes to 6- minute full length games. There are 56 customizable teams and 8 leagues ranging from indoor, college, pro and fantasy player types. This game really has a lot of bells and whistles.

Players have the added luxury of customizing their controls to fit their throwing style and can dynamically become the ball-carrier or even catch their own throws. Players get to experience the range of seasons and pick different weather to play in. Playing football in the snow sounds fun and hard! Players have best times, trophies and can play in live spectator mode. As the ultimate bonus, the stadium can be filled with screaming fans so players get the full MVP experience!

$14.99 on the Quest store (a steal if you ask us

3. Golf+

Despite the upgraded version only being available for the Quest 2, it still has over 9,000 ratings and sits at 4.5/5 stars. Many fantastic features can still be enjoyed with the Quest 1 however– so if you don’t have the latest Quest headset, no worries! This game is still a blast! The visuals in this game are beautifully done and feels fairly realistic. Players can join their friends for a round on a wide variety of courses. Some of the courses include Wolf Creek in Valhalla, The Ocean Course in Kiawah Island, Castle Links and even a leisurely Topgolf environment.

If players want to work on their swing before joining in on the multiplayer, they can in the practice area. Other fun features include a media player, Callaway clubs and Pro Puff by Topgolf. For the Quest 1, players still have access to many great features including all the Topgolf games, multiplayer, various Topgolf affiliated games like corn hole, a competition against players with similar skill levels, achievements and a global leaderboard.

$29.99 on the Quest store

4. Creed: Rise to Glory

Boxing is known as one of the most mentally taxing physical sports due to the role of mental finesse. Anticipating an opponents moves and noticing subtle body language can be the difference between being knocked out or getting a knock out. This game lets players experience the ascent of Adonis Creed from the underdog to world-class fighter. This game is unique because it follows a story inspired by the Creed™ films. The game has different modes: story-driven career mode, customizable freeplay and online PvP.

This game has haptics thanks to Phantom Melee Technology which feels similar to throwing and taking punches. It provides an exciting out-of-body feeling of fatigue or a knockout. If players want to play to work on their cardio, they can with Endurance mode which removes the Virtual Stamina system and allows players to adjust to an appropriate fight setting. The coolest feature of this app (if you are a Creed™ fan of course), is being able to play the iconic figures from Creed™ and Rocky™ in Freeplay or PvP. If you’ve ever wanted to fight Rocky, Ivan or Drago, this would be how to do it!

$29.99 on the Oculus store

5. Eleven Table Tennis

Table tennis can definitely be found in some rec rooms at new startups, but it’s also a highly competitive sport! Reaction speed is everything with table tennis. Players can play against an AI or with friends. What’s special about this is the way the game has calculated the physics– table tennis is notoriously unpredictable with physics in real life so matching that in VR is no small feat!

The physics are so accurate in fact that players have suggested to add a more ethereal touch and enable different paddles, characters, locations and options with physics. The game is straight forward but with over 8,000 ratings and a 4.5/5 star rating which means it’s definitely a well-loved game. Playing mode is available in roomscale and works on the Quest and Quest 2.

$19.99 on the Oculus store

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