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Announcing the Winners of The Great AR/VR Challenge

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

We are excited to announce the winners of The Great AR/VR Challenge by TOHacks and echoAR!

In partnership with TOHacks, echoAR ran their first virtual case competition, The Great AR/VR Challenge — a 3-week virtual event for AR/VR enthusiasts looking to take on a challenge, step out of their comfort zone, and network with other teams and AR/VR/3D industry professionals.

And the winners are….!

First place: Dr. App Team: Shi Han Qin, Rahma Gillan, Julia Liu, Andrew Zhan & Wen Hui Zhang

Second place: LeARn Team: Jothesh Jolly, Mageshwaran R & Prashanth S

Third place: My Eye Assistant Team: Diya Dinesh

Honorable Mention: 100 Years Today Team: Hillary Leung, Emily Dong, Jayden Tse & Alex Park

Congratulation to all the winners! 🎉

Learn more about TOHacks at tohacks.ca.

Learn more about echoAR at echoAR.xyz.