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AR/VR Highlights from CES 2021

The echoAR team is excited about the groundbreaking announcements that came out of CES 2021 involving AR/VR/3D technologies! We saw new virtual reality (VR) headsets, advanced augmented reality (AR) smart-glasses, haptic suits and gloves, and so much more.

  • Vuzix showed off new consumer-ready microLED smartglasses and won 3 CES 2021 Innovation Awards.

Vuzix ©

  • Lenovo released the ThinkReality A3 — a versatile smart glasses for the enterprise.

Lenovo ©

  • New design unveiled for Panasonic’s VR Glasses.

Panasonic ©

  • Pollen Robotics showed humanoid robot controlled remotely through VR.

Pollen Robotics ©

  • TCL debuted commercially-ready Wearable Display glasses.

  • bHaptics showcased consumer-ready Haptic Suit.

bHaptics ©

  • SenseGlove showed off the Nova VR Haptic Gloves.

SenseGlove ©

  • Nolo VR revealed new additions to its VR hardware lineup including a new 6DoF VR solution costing less than $200.

Nolo ©

  • Nolo VR also provides a 6DoF motion tracking kit for the HUAWEI VR Glass.

Nolo VR ©


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  • CREAL showcased their AR and VR light-field devices roadmap and prototypes.


  • Lenovo’s New Realities project featured 10 young women changing the world through 360-degree storytelling.

Lenovo ©

  • Blickfeld presented new LiDAR sensors.

Blickfeld ©

  • Razer unveiled a concept clear plastic face mask with RGB lighting and a voice amplifier.

Razer ©

Are you excited for CES 2022 and the future of AR/VR/3D technologies?

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