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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Fashion (Try before you buy!)

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are slowly but surely creating a mass market for designers, everyday consumers and fashionistas to experience fashion in a whole new way. With an increasing demand for remote “try-before-you-buy” options in the age of COVID-19, customers can try on jewelry, footwear, eyeglasses, and other apparel in AR/VR before making a purchase. Whole fashion show can be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home. The world of fashion is being transformed by amazing AR/VR innovations and as noted by Kathryn Carter, a general manager at Snapchat: “fashion is a natural partner for AR.”

Virtual Catwalk

Already in 2019, the British online fashion giant, ASOS, started experimenting with AR catwalks, as a feature in their mobile app.


In July 2020, a whole VR fashion show titled “The Fabric of Realitywas created by RYOT in partnership with Kaleidoscope, MOR and the Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) at London College of Fashion. This year-long exhibition is now hosted within HTC Vive’s MOR virtual environment. Also, Gucci, the luxury fashion brand, just recently launched digital versions of its latest collections for virtual avatars, betting on VR environments becoming more crowded in the years to come.

Try Before You Buy

Wannaby, is an AR Commerce Company creating try-on apps for retails shoppers, such as Wanna Kicks for try-on footwear in AR. Gucci also has an app that allows you to virtually try on shoes before you buy them and has recently released the “Gucci Sneaker Garage,” a new experimental section of its app that enables users to virtually design their own Gucci shoes.

© Gucci

Warby Parker, a NY-based retailer of prescription glasses and sunglasses, also offers a mobile application which has an AR feature that allows you to virtually try on every single model of eyeglasses and sunglasses in their store, using your front-facing camera. We already covered their amazing AR shopping experience in our blog back in July. Other companies, such as Diamond Hedge and India-based CaratLane , are also enabling users to try out diamond rings and other jewelry before committing to an expensive purchase.


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AR Cosmetics

MODIFACE (a subsidiary of L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company) offers beauty brands the option of creating different AR experiences for their customers, by harnessing their different AR software development kits (SDKs) for makeup, hair, and skin simulations. Similarly, many well-known brands like Sephora and Benefit Cosmetics have launched virtual makeup artist applications to allow consumers to try out their different beauty products, with many other comparable apps for makeup and nail design available on the App Store. Wannaby, noted above, also offers Wanna Nails for try-on nail polish and virtual nail manicure.

© Benefit Cosmetics

AR/VR are changing the way we experience fashion, with companies like Farfetch and Chanel already revolutionizing the luxury fashion retail experience using AR. We can’t wait to see the next big step in the world fashion powered by augmented and virtual reality: virtual fitting rooms, new and unique try-before-you-buy applications, augmented physical store experiences, and more.

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