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Convert 2D and 3D Assets for Free (Tutorial)

echo3D has created a converter for 3D and 2D assets! It is free to use for files up to 25MB (larger files can be converted here).

Converting your asset types has never been easier.

Just drag, click and download!


Click this link https://go.echo3d.co/wVoZ or scan this QR code to see the same 3D bulldozer asset used from the examples.



Register (Optional)

You can download one of many of our THOUSANDS of 3D models for free from our console. Don’t have an echo3D account? Register for FREE at echo3D.


Go to the converter here.


  • Drag or upload your 3D model to the converter

  • Select the output file type you want. They will automatically download for you.

  • If you want to see your asset in AR, you can do so with this tutorial.

Learn More

Refer to our documentation to learn more about how to use Unity and echo3D.


Feel free to reach out at support@echo3D.co or join our support channel on Slack.

For additional troubleshooting, debug here.

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