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echo3D partners with Aequilibrium to Accelerate the Creation of Meaningful AR Content

echo3D is excited to announce a new partnership with Aequilibrium, Inc. aimed at accelerating the creation of meaningful Augmented Reality (AR) content by matching businesses with seasoned AR content creators.

All new and existing members of the Aequilibrium community of AR content creators can now benefit from premium access to the echo3D platform, to streamline their process of creating, managing, and streaming 3D content and instantly share & see it in AR!

Aequilibrium offers a ML-based web app that helps businesses determine the AR use cases that would be right for them and matches them with professional AR creators who can assist them in creating engaging AR experiences.

With our new partnership, Aequilibrium’s content creators will be able to easily manage and publish 3D content to their AR experience, simply their AR content creation and deployment process, and offer businesses better services.

How to join Aequilibrium’s community of AR creators?

You can join Aequilibrium by going to aequilibriuminc.com.

How do Aequilibrium members get premium access to echo3D?

All Aequilibrium members may receive 1-month free access to all Business Plan features of the echo3D platform by using the dedicated sign up page provided to them via email after joining Aequilibrium as creators.

This offer does not apply to existing users of echo3D.

How to create instant AR experiences with echo3D?

  • Go to the Content page in the echo3D console.

  • Clicking the “Add To Cloud” button. You can upload your own models and also use the search bar to find free 3D models that you can instantly add to the console.

  • After adding a 3D model to your project, you are able to see it immediately in AR.

  • You did it! 🎉

Read more on how to easily create personalized and customizable WebAR experiences using echo3D (add buttons, actions, audio, a custom background, and more!).

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