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echo3D Partners with TeamScale to Help Companies Recruit 3D Teams

echo3D is excited to announce a new partnership with TeamScale aimed at accelerating the 3D/AR/VR development process by matching businesses with seasoned offshore 3D design teams.

All members of the echo3D community can now benefit from premium access to TeamScale’s worldwide network of 3D designers and artists who help businesses create large-scale 3D projects.

TeamScale is a recruitment company that builds and manages offshore 3D studios for businesses in the 3D/AR/VR space. With our new partnership, members of the echo3D community will be able to streamline their 3D/AR/VR development process even further by finding the right team to help them build 3D experiences powered by echo3D.

You can get in touch with TeamSacle by visiting their website.

To learn more about echo3D go to www.echo3D.co

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