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echoAR featured among Top 10 Telecom Industry Innovations of 2021

Which Telecommunication trends and Telecommunication startups will soon impact your business? StartUs Insights conducted an in-depth industry research on 3,519 Telecom startups & scaleups and discovered new data-driven insights on the top trends emerging through new Telecom innovation solutions.

StartUs Insights describes how echoAR creates tools for building & scaling 3D apps to facilitate 3D application development, improve its deployment, and manage related procedures. High-resolution 3D content is a leading Telecom industry trend idetified by StartUs Insights:

The penetration of smartphones and reliable internet leads to increased consumption of high-quality, and often heavy-to-transfer, content. The growth in high-resolution content, in turn, drives improvements in the quality of traditional information media such as videos, pictures, and music. Novel telecommunications help businesses adapt to new types of information media, such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality- (VR/AR/MR) and cloud-based gaming. These new types of content require not only high-speed transmission but also low latency, prompting startups to develop high-capacity telecommunication networks.

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