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echoAR sponsors Cal Earth Hacks 2020

echoAR is excited to sponsor with Cal Earth Hacks 2020, 48-hour environmental hackathon by UC Berkeley focused on creating innovative and sustainable solutions to the climate crisis.

Earth Hacks works with college students to host 48-hour environmental hackathons focused on creating innovative, equitable, and just solutions to the climate crisis. Cal Earth Hacks 2020 focuses on collaborating on sustainable solutions to global problems, including the intersection between climate and COVID-19.

Anyone can participate in this hackathon! Environmental problems are inherently interdisciplinary and affect everyone, so we should all feel empowered to participate in forming the solution. You don't need to know how to code, there will be support for learning and multiple tracks of project to work on.

We are excited to help hackathon participants build exciting AR/VR applications in these troubling times.

Learn more about Cal Earth Hacks 2020 here.

Learn more about Earth Hacks here.

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