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echoAR Sponsors COVID19 Hack Challenge and Runs Workshop

echoAR is honored to sponsor the COVID19 Hack Challenge which aims at catalyzing student innovation in response to the unprecedented situation facing colleges and communities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to bring the talents of the STEM community together with subject matter experts to envision, design, develop, and deliver solutions to help communities, students, and colleges cope with the challenges of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Students, faculty, and administrators are facing a range of challenges associated with the COVID-19 crisis. Students are still scrambling to recover belongings left in dorms or coping with social isolation as an international student whose flatmates have gone home. Student government and clubs are figuring out how to sustain themselves remotely, performing and visual arts students are struggling alongside faculty to adapt to a virtual world while faculty consider how to proctor tens of thousands of remote exams.

The goal of COVID19 Hack Challenge is to unite in the fight against COVID-19. Together we can develop and launch project, build apps, and open source code to combat COVID-19, reduce risks from future infectious outbreaks, and cope with the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Join our AR/VR coding workshop on Friday, May 29, 8:00pm ET via Google Meet: meet.google.com/yng-gsya-idr

We are excited to help hackathon participants build exciting AR/VR applications in these troubling times.

Learn more about the COVID19 Hack Challenge here.

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