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echoAR sponsors OxfordHack 2020

echoAR is honored to sponsor OxfordHack 2020, Oxford's first digital hackathon, and announce an AR/VR prize category with a unique sponsored‌ challenge‌.

Oxford Hack is the official Oxford student Hackathon, where over 300 people gather every year to collaborate, innovate, learn and experiment while creating a project from scratch in 24h. We’ll give you all the resources you need, from hardware and APIs to workshops, sponsors and volunteers who can help you with whatever questions you might have. In a few words, you come here to have fun, learn things you didn’t even know existed and see your ideas come to life.

The event will take place on May 30-31st and everything from team formation, workshops and project submissions will be online. OxfordHack 2020 is an inclusive and encouraging event, providing a unique opportunity to hone your skills in any technical field you like. OxfordHack doesn't impose any restrictions on the product your team makes, so you can be as experimental and disciplined as you like.

We are excited to help hackathon participants build exciting AR/VR applications in these troubling times.

Learn more about OxfordHack 2020 here.

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