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echoAR talks with Infinite Retina

We sat down for an interview with Robert Scoble from Infinite Retina to discuss how echoAR is solving content management and delivery for Spatial Computing through its cloud platform for augmented reality apps.

"If you are building an augmented reality app you will need to manage your 3D assets and echoAR has the best content management system we've seen. This Spatial Computing company lets you manage 3D objects by location or region, amongst other ways, and changes show up on all clients immediately. It takes care of all the servers, so you can work more on building your enterprise app or game. This company is hugely important for Spatial Computing and making systems that are scalable and easy to update for non programmers."

"I wish I could invest in this company. Out of all the companies I see in the space, this one is enabling people to build amazing apps easily." -Robert Scoble

Watch the interview here and read more here.

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