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End of Year Reflection 2020

That’s a wrap on 2020! Such an insane year with unbelievable global challenges. At echoAR we worked on supporting developers & creators by partnering with startup incubators, helping AR/VR student clubs at universities, and sponsoring virtual hackathons and coding competitions focused on bringing developers together during these tough times.

This year also included so many exciting company updates, professional growth, and continuous development. With thousands of developers and creators using our cloud platform to build exciting AR/VR/3D applications, we are humbled by the opportunity to empower this community of builders with tools to create and deploy immersive 3D experiences. This was the year we grew from 300 users to over 5000, launched countless new features, joined the Remagine Ventures portfolio, featured at CES and SXSW, selected as Top 100 Startup of the Year 2020, spoke at Google about our 3D-first cloud, ran the Great AR/VR Challenge, had a rebrand, and more. We are honored to share our journey over the last year in this newsletter.

Thank YOU for your never-ending support. Onward and upward in 2021!

AR/VR/3D experiences #poweredByEchoAR

This year over 5000 echoAR users built inspiring AR/VR/3D applications using our 3D-first cloud platform for countless use cases: healthcare, gaming, training, advertising, ecommerce, education, data visualization, and more.

Check out the many projects #poweredByEchoAR on our Inspiration page.

Introduced exciting new features!

This year the echoAR team introduced many new features and cloud-based tools for developers and creators to easily build 3D applications.

Based on developer feedback we introduced new integrations, better UI/UX, improved 3D build engine, new samples apps, open source example code, and more to help developers build AR/VR/3D apps faster.

Users of all plans can build AR/VR/3D applications across multiple platforms such as WebAR, Unity, ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, Oculus, and more.

Read about all the features of our platform in our documentation and check out our samples apps and example code on our GitHub page.

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Supported AR/VR Clubs and Hackathons!

This year echoAR ran a virtual challenge for 3D/AR/VR enthusiasts in partnership with TOHacks, sponsored over 85 hackathons, and supported 10 AR/VR student clubs in universities around the country.

We engaged developers at Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Boston University, Northeastern University, San Diego State University, University of Southern California, and more.

Want us to support your AR/VR student club, hackathons, or coding competition? Reach out to love@echoAR.xyz.

Published articles on AR/VR/3D trends!

This year the echoAR team wrote and published over 20 articles about industry trends, major AR/VR events, recommendations, and AR/VR uses cases in our blog and Medium page which received over 30,000 reads! Articles include:

  • AR/VR uses cases such as ecommerce, marketing, retail, travel, music, real estate, sports, policing, furniture, education, healthcare, and the future of work.

  • Coverage of AR/VR events such as Facebook Connect and Snap Partner Summit.

  • AR/VR-related recommendations for AR glasses, VR headsets, Sci-Fi books, video games, mobile apps, movies, and TV shows.

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Community Building, Talks, and Events

This year echoAR gave numerous public talks, ran AR/VR dev workshops, and was featured at many tech and entrepreneurial events:

  • CES 2020

  • Google NYC

  • VentureCrush FGX

  • NYRIW XR Showcase

  • 1 Million Cups NYC


  • Hosting DOD

  • L2M Accelertor Network

  • NYC Media Lab Combine

  • Welcoming Macaulay Fellows

  • RLab Hard Hat Party

  • Columbia University EMBA workshop

  • LawWithoutWalls webinar

  • RLab Accelerator Panel

  • Columbia University panel on Virtual Internships

  • CUNY Public Health Innovation Accelerator Webinar

  • Virtual Production Webinar

  • Columbia University Emerging Technologies Webinar

  • AR/VR Webinar with Columbia Entrepreneurship

  • RLab Office Hours on XR Jobs

  • CSL Talk on How AR & VR Can Change the World

  • DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud 2020

  • VR Tech Summit

  • Ask Me Anything with Columbia Entrepreneurship

  • #XRJobs and Career Planning with Columbia Engineering

  • VRDays 2020


  • SXSW Finalist Interview

  • Faces of 5G

  • CSL Startup Directory

  • NYC Media Lab

  • VC Cafe

  • Columbia Startup Lab video

  • New AR book now on Amazon

  • .XYZ blog

  • Columbia Engineering Magazine

  • Columbia Engineering website

  • Inspiring People X

  • Columbia Engineering Magazine

  • The 5 Best Google Poly Alternatives on MakeUseOf

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