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See our team in AR! echo3D visits NYCAP3D

We had our first in-person all-hands team week in NYC! 🗽 To celebrate the team coming together, we got ourselves 3D-scanned at NYCAP3D, a full-service CGI production studio for agencies, production companies & brands, that does 3D scans, 3D modeling, animation, creative direction, and VFX.

Check out our team scans in 3D/AR:

Share your screengrabs with the hashtag #poweredByEcho3D. 🤳

Thank you Ivin Ballen of NYCAP3D for inviting us!

Learn more about echo3D at https://www.echo3D.co.

Learn more about NYCAP3D at https://www.nycap3d.com.

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