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Showcase Listed Properties in AR with echo3D!

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As anyone who has hunted for a new home knows, a key part of the process is imagining you and your family in your new home. Professional photos and video tours of a space can help you envision yourself in your potential new space, but they can only communicate so much. What if there was a quick and easy way to create and view a scale 3D model of a property?

Well, with echo3D and the 3D scanning app of your choice, the process couldn’t be easier! Follow the steps below, and you’ll be able to share 3D renderings anywhere on the web and in AR!

  • Open your favorite 3D scanning application on your smartphone (I’m using PolyCam but you can also Qlone, ARitize360, SCANN3D or 3D Scanner)

  • Scan the space you’d like to recreate in 3D

  • Export your file in any format available

  • Upload the file to the echo3D console by clicking the “Add to Cloud” button (you can register for a FREE echo3D account and get your own API key here)

  • Share your link or your QR code anywhere you’d like!

You did it! 🎉

See QR code or link below!

In about 10 minutes of work, you’ll have a fully shareable 3D and AR experience to showcase the space! This is an easy way to coordinate with clients that may not have the ability or time to visit a location, prospective roommates, or sell your partner on a property you love.


Scan this QR code with your phone to see something awesome!

or go directly to https://go.echo3d.co/gCT4 with your phone browser.

Sign up to the echo3D platform for free to create this yourself!


For agents, augmented reality (AR) can be a very powerful tool. With AR technologies, real estate agencies can reach buyers anywhere in the world, save time, and let buyers visualize themselves in the property. It helps buyers to build an emotional connection with the property, and you’ll close deals even faster!

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact Jim Plianthos at jim@echo3d.co to schedule a demonstration of our platform.


❔ Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot issues here. You can check out our full documentation for other useful tutorials here and also reach out to our support team here.

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