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The Best VR Events and Concerts Planned for 2022

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Virtual reality (VR) events are becoming more prominent in the entertainment space thanks to huge leaps in technology, marketing and adoption. According to Morning Consult, 45% of all adults, 56% of Gen Z and 61% of millennials would attend a VR concert. This is the year that strategic partnerships in VR events are booming.

In a genius collaborative move, Unity Technologies and Insomniac Events are partnering up to bring fully immersive VR concerts and events mainstream so all sensory elements are interconnected. The possibilities of mixing live entertainment with immersive graphics and volumetric audio are truly endless. While no upcoming events are confirmed by the partnership yet, here are some you can enjoy this year. We at echo3D are excited at the prospect of being able to support these types of events and partnerships on the backend.


Click on this link https://go.echo3d.co/4vFU or scan this QR code to see something musical in augmented reality.


Megan Thee Stallion — Enter Thee Hottieverse US Tour

  • April — July, 2022

  • Fans of Megan can buy tickets and go to their local movie theater where they’ll be given a branded VR headset and hang out in the VR Hottieverse lobby before showtime. The set list will have multiple songs that move through different environments and wardrobes designed special for the show. This experience is made possible by AmazeVR which has received a massive influx of funding putting them at 30M raised so far for the future of VR concerts and entertainment. This is AmazeVR’s first concert tour.

  • You can get your tickets here on AmazeVR’s official site.

Tour Dates Los Angeles — April 5–10 San Francisco — April 21–24 Chicago — May 5–8 Dallas — May 12–15 Houston — May 19–22 Atlanta — May 26–29 Miami — June 2–5 Charlotte — June 16–19 Washington DC — June 23–26 New York — June 30-July 3

Billie Eilish: Governor’s Ball

Credit: Brooklyn Vegan

  • Always On

  • In partnership with Supersphere and Horizon Worlds/Horizon Venues, you can watch highlights from Billie Eilish’s performance at Governors Ball music festival in New York City. Horizon Venues is working on positioning themselves a the go-to venue for VR concerts and events. It would be worth checking in every now and then to see what they add.

  • Get it here on the Oculus store.

Foo Fighters

Credit: Oculus

  • Always On

  • If you missed the premiere of Foo Fighters’ first VR concert, you can catch the replay in VR and relive it like it’s live. Watch the band take the stage like never before and see them perform up close and personal. This show is extra special since Taylor Hawkins’ last performances is forever memorialized. Consider this free experience your front-row seat to rock out with the legendary band.

  • Get it here on the Oculus store.

CineVR in Museo Nazionale Del Cinema in Torino, Italy

  • Ongoing with designated film dates

  • The museum renovated a part of the exhibit in partnership with Rai Cinema to bring visitors CineVR. It’s the first Italian permanent movie theatre completely dedicated to VR which plays VR films. Location-based VR is a great option for people that want another layer of immersion or for people without access to VR headsets. While the films are swapped out every week or two, films will be playing nonstop all day long. Visitors can choose the film and attendants will set them up with sanitized headsets to enjoy the program.

  • If you happen to be in the area, it would be worth checking out. Get your admission passes here ranging from €0 — €15.

Sansar Events

Credit: Sansar

  • Ongoing

  • These recurring regular sessions range from movie night to learning German or small raves or community campground events, check them out here . Each event has a unique host and virtual world users can enter to enjoy the event. A unique trait about this is for some events, like the Community Campfires held every Friday, a community user creates a new campfire scene to hang out in.

  • Works for Vive and Oculus Rift, check out recurring events here.

VR concerts allow for venues and artists to do much more than they normally would. Other than server outages, which happened with the Foo Fighters concert, VR concerts essentially have unlimited capacity. In any major arena, artists can attract upwards of 10,000 fans but in VR that number can be much higher and allow for more capabilities like talking to the artists between breaks, teleport through the venue, shop exclusive merch, watch signature graphics and connect with people they normally wouldn’t be able to.

As immersive events continue to grow, echo3D hopes to be further integrated into that part of the journey. Our 3D-ready cloud platform allows companies to manage and deliver 3D content that can be scaled to apps and devices everywhere which makes our technology ideal for VR entertainment.

echo3D (www.echo3D.co; Techstars ’19) is a cloud platform for 3D/AR/VR that provides tools and network infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy 3D apps, games, and content.

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