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Top 10 TV Shows that Feature Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Looking for recommendations on what to corona-binge while you’re staying indoors to avoid the virus? We already shared with you the movies we think you should watch that feature augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) here. Now here is our list of the top 10 TV shows that feature augmented reality and virtual reality (by order of release):

1. VR.5 | 1995 | Sci-fi | 1 Season

“Welcome to the game, Sydney Bloom.” A 1990s Sci-fi classic, in which the main character Sydney Bloom utilizes virtual reality technology to explore the different subconscious minds of other people. Thought-provoking and ahead of its time, a must-watch for AR/VR enthusiasts!

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2. Harsh Realm | 1999 | Drama/Sci-fi |1 Season

Known as “The Matrix” meets “Platoon”, Harsh Realm presents its audience as one of many real-world applications of virtual reality technology.

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3. Caprica | 2010 | Drama/Sci-fi | 1 Season

Set nearly 60 years before the popular “Battlestar Galactica” series, Caprica features a wide variety of AR/VR technologies, from “holo-bands”, a device that allows you to enter Caprica’s virtual reality realm, to AR devices that let you turn any surface into a digital interface (which is already here with us in 2020!)

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4. Black Mirror | 2011–2019 | Drama/Sci-fi | 5 Seasons

Black Mirror explores various upcoming technologies and their potential impact on society. Many of its episodes feature AR/VR technologies and here is a full list of them for you to discover:

  • “Playtest”, S3E2

  • “San Junipero”, S3E4

  • “Men Against Fire”, S3E5

  • “Hang the DJ”, S4E4

  • “Striking Vipers”, S5E1

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5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D | 2013 — Present |Action/Sci-fi | 7 Seasons

One of Marvel’s most successful TV series presents us with a variety of AR/VR applications, from camouflage tech to VR training simulation. Notably, Season 4 is dedicated to one of S.H.I.E.L.D’s most feared villain, the Framework, an alternate virtual reality where HYDRA reigns supreme.

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6. Altered Carbon |2018–2020 | Fantasy/Action | 2 Seasons

Netflix’s Altered Carbon gives us a peek behind the curtain of a fantasy future that runs on augmented reality and virtual reality. The main character Takeshi Kovacs takes us to 2384, where we have “Needlecasting”, a VR-inspired technology that can be used to transfer consciousness, hotels that run completely on AR and VR technologies, and even virtual torture chambers used by the antagonists in the show.

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7. Kiss Me First | 2018 | Thriller | 1 Season

“You can’t tell what’s actual and what’s not” What would you do if the real world and the virtual-reality world cross paths? By following our main character Leila’s footsteps, the audience gets to experience the total immersion of both worlds, real and virtual.

Rent or own it: Netflix

8. Reverie | 2018 | Drama/Thriller | 1 Season

What if we relived our happiest memories? What if physical limitations no longer apply? Reverie explores a dangerous world of virtual reality with the right amount of suspense, intrigue, humor, and action!

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9. The Feed | 2019 | Sci-fi | 1 Season

A brain implant that lets you share thoughts and emotions with anyone! That captures and broadcasts what you are seeing in real-time! That lets you transform your outfits in seconds! We come across so many potential AR/VR applications in The Feed, and even some that are already in use in present days.

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10. Upload | 2020 | Comedy/Sci-fi | 1 Season

We are finishing off the list with something more lighthearted! Upload shows us a future where people can UPLOAD (Roll Credits!) their consciousness to a luxury digital afterlife. Enjoyment guaranteed.

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By Dien Du

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