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Top 5 Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Assistance Tools

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In the world of technical assistance, there is an age-old adage: “if you are ever in need of free music, just phone up customer service for an endless supply of low-quality, washed-out jazz”. Let’s be real here: customer service is a pain; between the awful downtimes and incessant levels of confusion, nobody likes the process.

Remote assistance emerged as a solution to this problem. Instead of attempting to piece together incoherent strings of information over a crackly telephone signal, experts would guide customers by controlling their devices through a remote Internet connection. From that, augmented reality (AR) remote assistance surfaced to combine live video and audio feeds along with 3D objects that are superimposed directly onto the users’ physical environments. This technology can be used for anything from basic troubleshooting of consumer electronics to helping technicians execute complex field repairs on site.

With a vast array of currently available applications, here are echoAR’s picks for the top five AR remote assistance tools for business or personal use (in no particular order):

Vuforia Chalk

Having amassed over 10,000 downloads on the Google Play Store alone, Vuforia Chalk is an AR remote assistance tool designed specifically for on-site technicians. The web and mobile application allow for real-time 3D annotations with 3D object tracking functionality built in. Vuforia Chalk reduces downtime during the troubleshooting process, while also keeping technicians and experts safe during the management of hazardous equipment in field environments. Additionally, the service requires absolutely zero software installation or coding experience, making it a wonderful tool to scale up any business operation. Chalk is utilized by companies such as Toyota, Howden, Henkel, and Rockwell Automation.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist tool combines Microsoft HoloLens functionality for a true hands-free AR remote assistance experience. Remote Assist’s web and mobile application helps businesses manage work orders in real time, capture and view asset data for validation and inspection purposes, as well as integrate a viewable call dashboard analytics system. Corporations such as NHS are using Remote Assist to help fight COVID-19 by collaborating with experts around the world. Forrester Consulting, a business strategy and economic analysis consulting firm, conducted a study examining the total economic impact of Microsoft’s Remote Assist technology. With $6.3 million in benefits, costs of only $3.6 million, and an estimated ROI of 138%, it is safe to say Remote Assist is a great investment in the future of AR remote assistance.

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Re’flekt Remote

Re’flekt’s remote assistance tool differs from its competition with their skill-based routing alignment strategy. Instead of matching the first available expert with the awaiting customers, Re’flekt Remote assigns experts with the specific knowledge necessary for the customers’ specific issue. According to Re’flekt itself, AR assist technology improves productivity and efficiency in the workplace by over 65%. Designed specifically for mobile devices and wearables, Re’flekt Remote allows for annotated file and image support in low bandwidth conditions. In addition, the Guest Access feature allows administrators to exercise full control over their team’s accounts. This makes sure that inactive accounts do not bog down the business’ overall productivity.


Scope AR’s WorkLink Assist

Scope AR’s WorkLink Assist allows businesses and users to gradually scale up their remote assistance needs. Users can start with text-based work instructions and move onto an expert AR consultation in the same session. WorkLink allows experts to create step-by-step AR instruction manuals with intuitive interfaces, such as a checklist for recording or validating tasks. Because of the increasing complexity emerging in the manufacturing, the WorkLink platform seeks to reduce time-to-repair costs and technician headaches by connecting experts with businesses to maximize productivity for all. Makino, a machine tool manufacturer, reported an overall 25% reduction in resolution time, 50% reduction in unplanned downtime, and projected overall service expense savings of $2.4 million.

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TeamViewer’s xAssist

TeamViewer’s xAssist technology provides support for virtually all common smart glass models. In addition to HoloLens and Google Glass, xAssist is also compatible with AR headsets from Sony, Vuzix, and Epson. Thanks to this functionality, remote assistance experts can clearly view an on-site technician’s issue while helping them work through it hands-free. xAssist is primarily designed for helping manufacturing and logistics departments with their frontline suite. In addition, TeamViewer does not require any necessary coding experience to fully utilize their application. TeamViewer seeks to have businesses open new revenue streams and deliver new service concepts without having to worry about unplanned downtimes and lessened productivity from traditional remote assistance.

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Remote assistance is undoubtedly an extraordinary use case for augmented reality and we at echoAR are excited to see how this industry evolves to benefit customer service and field work companies around the world. To start building your own AR remote assistance tool or to leverage the cloud for your existing AR solution, sign up for free today at echoAR.

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