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Will COVID-19 make AR and VR mainstream?

Honored to have echoAR featured in the latest guest blog post on VC Cafe by Shachar Peled. Read the full post on VC Cafe here.

Our CEO shared his thoughts on the AR/VR space in these troubling times.

“This is the time to build. In COVID times were seeing an insane influx in user registration, people are trying to build new experiences all the time,” says Alon Grinshpoon, CEO and founder of echoAR, a cloud platform for AR/VR apps which helps developers to create 3D application and content while emphasizing the importance of backend infrastructure in the frontend-heavy ecosystem of AR/VR/3D (the company backed by Remagine Ventures). Grinshpoon’s team has been sponsoring many developer hackathons and are seeing more people trying to build AR/VR apps, from focusing on battling the coronavirus to creating visualisations and video tutorials in AR, to get people more engaged. “This new medium has such a huge potential. If you think about virtual meetings, instead of being on Zoom — having a hologram of the person next to me to converse, a few years ago would be considered sci fi but now we have AR companies working on that,” he adds.

Read the full post on VC Cafe here.