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Zappar and echo3D Partner to Build WebAR Experiences In Unity (Tutorial)

echo3D is really excited to announce a partnership with Zappar! echo3D is a 3D-ready cloud platform to help manage and deliver 3D/AR/VR content to apps and devices everywhere! Zappar is an augmented reality creator platform. Together, Zappar and echo3D make it super easy to create fun, engaging and scalable AR experiences!


Scan this QR code to try this AR demo yourself!



  • Download Unity Unity 2020.3.8f1.



  • Download and import Zappar for Unity here. Check out the README for more details.


  • Delete the default camera in the scene. Add a Zappar > Front Facing Camera game object from the Zappar menu.

  • Add any Zappar Tracking object from the Zappar menu.

  • Select on the Zappar camera game object and drag the tracking type (in your Hierarchy) into the “Anchor Origin’’ property.

  • Drag the echo3d script onto the tracking type game object and fill out the API key and entry ID details in the Inspector.

  • You can also drag the echo3D prefab onto the Zappar Tracking object in the Hierarchy to make it a child of the tracker for more control (if preferred).

  • Run in Play Mode and check scale, rotation and position to confirm it looks good.

  • Change Build Settings to WebGL.

  • Go to Build Settings > Player > Resolution and Presentation and select the Zappar player (Zappar for 2020+, or Zappar 2019 for anything older).


  • Build and host locally or host with Zapworks (more info here).

Learn More

Refer to our documentation to learn more about how to use Unity and echo3D.


Feel free to reach out at support@echo3d.co or join our support channel on Slack.

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